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  1. To run a query on a database server, use a pass-through query which is a Transact SQL (TSQL) statement that connects to SQL Server by using an ODBC connection string.
  2. Pass Through Charges.: means any applicable third party costs, charges, tax, duty, levy, tariff or any government imposed charge, relating to the supply and distribution of electricity to the Supply Point including, but not limited to, transportation and distribution use of system charges by the Network Operator, Equipment Charges and VAT;.
  3. **OPPS Pass-through and New Technology Ambulatory Payment Classification (APC) Application Submittals during the Public Health Emergency involving COVID** As of April 10, , applicants may submit their application via electronic submission and are not required to submit OPPS Pass through and New Technology APC applications using the US.
  4. Mar 27,  · The pass-through certificate is the evidence of interest or participation in a pool of assets and signifies the transfer of interest payments in receivables in favor of the holders of the.
  5. Definition of pass-through. (Entry 1 of 2) 1: the act, action, or process of offsetting increased costs by raising prices. 2: an opening in a wall between two rooms through which something (such as dishes) may be passed. 3 US law: pass-through entity They structured the business as a pass-through to enjoy more beneficial tax treatment.
  6. Pass-Through Expenses means the expenses for telephone services, and allocated costs (in conformity with Section of the Agreement) for report distributions to Spansion which are listed in Exhibit , and for any other expenses which Spansion has agreed in advance to be financially responsible, in accordance with Section of this Agreement.
  7. A pass through cabinet is an enclosure installed in a wall between two or more adjacent spaces to facilitate the transfer of materials from one side to the other. Pass through cabinets play a vital role in cleanrooms and other controlled environments.
  8. PASS THRU WINDOWS / PASS THROUGH WINDOWS Commercial pass through windows from Ready Access are perfect for many applications. Use the filters at the left to find the best sliding pass thru window for your project. Well-vetted designs are built with high quality components for durability.
  9. Pass-through owners who qualify can deduct up to 20% of their net business income from their income taxes, reducing their effective income tax rate by 20%. This deduction began in and is scheduled to last through —that is, it will end on January 1, unless extended by Congress.

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