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9 thoughts on “ Muskrat Rag

  1. Uncle Muskrat While wandering through Blood on the Boundary Waters, you may come across a decrepit cabin where the unsettling sound of backwoods music fills the air. Keep an eye out for the members of Uncle Muskrat's rag-tag band.
  2. The Best Bait And Location For A Muskrat Trap In terms of choosing the location for your trap, in and around the mouth of the den will certainly be a good place to start, and following the trails in the mud at the edge of water will often be a good start. For those using floating traps, attaching it to a stake in the water where it can’t.
  3. Traditional Conibear traps are designed with sharp stainless steel teeth that when triggered by the muskrat, springs the jaw forward to snap the muskrat’s neck and spine. Usually, this type of trap will instantly kill the muskrat. However, if the muskrat is positioned incorrectly in the trap it may cause a slow and painful death for the muskrat.
  4. The best live muskrat trap is one that is at least inches in length. Muskrat traps often come in 1 or 2-door models. Each type is equally as effective as the other but has its own unique advantages.
  5. Bait Your Trap. Bait your muskrat trap with apples or starchy root vegetables. Check Trap Often. Monitoring your trap is very important, because a muskrat can quickly become anxious, hungry and/or vulnerable to predation. Never leave a muskrat trap unattended for long periods of time. Once Caught.
  6. Check out the above video showing how effective muskrat colony traps are. Traps are made with 1" X 2" 14 gauge wire mesh. Very easy to use and effective at catching muskrats, the traps are simply placed in muskrat runs and at the entrance of the muskrat dens. Muskrats enter the one way door on either end of the muskrat colony trap.
  7. Bait the trap with the muskrat’s favorite food. Use string to hold the bait on the cage (if the cage is submerged in water.) To trap a muskrat underwater, fully submerge the trap two-to-three inches under the water, near the entrance of their slide, to stealthily disguise the cage.
  8. Another option for those wanting to kill a muskrat is to use a lethal trap. There are different types of traps available, but the most common is the body grip trap that will catch and crush the muskrat quickly. These will have to be quite well placed, and it is quite difficult to find a bait .
  9. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: Special muskrat bait using food grade lures muskrat cannot resist. Smear 1 tablespoon on the trip pan of a live trap and then a small dab around the frame at the entrance to the trap make your set. Behind the trip pan, set some "greenery" they're eating in your yard. Use a vegetable or fruit if they are targeting your garden.

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